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Retail Products



Al Amthal

Taageer has made it fast and easy for you to own your dream car.

Al Amthal Auto Finance from Taageer has quick process to facilitate faster approvals, and simpler documentation to make it easier for you to get the right loan. So whether it´s a brand new car or a pre-owned vehicle, you´ll find the perfect auto finance solution for you with Al Amthal.




Al Hal

Whether it is for a home renovation that you have been planning or a precious gift you had promised your loved one, a high-tech gadget you have always wanted, or even new furniture for your office or home, whatever your heart desires can now come true!

Al Hal from Taageer is a one-stop Personal Loan that comes with highly customisable solutions to meet a full range of personal and business needs.



Al Sahal

Taageer makes choosing your auto/ asset insurance a lot easier.

You can avail Al Sahal for all automotive and other assets financed by Taageer. Al Sahal offers excellent coverage for vehicles and business assets, like plants, machinery and equipment. It also offers exceptional benefits at highly competitive premiums payable in 12 equated installments.